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Work with one of our team members to hone your craft. We meet you where you're at.


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Save the Date!

We're excited to announce that we're back at Kripalu with live, face-to-face trainings! Our next training is April 24-29, 2022 (Designing & Leading Transformational Workshops: The Craft of Mind-Body Teaching).

Coming Soon: Online Course

Stay tuned for our online trainings based on the book Life-Changing Workshops where you can join an online community of workshop leaders, deepen your understanding of mind-body teaching, and be inspired to take action.


Life-Changing Workshops is now available on Amazon in print and eBook. Download our FREE companion to the book: the Workshop Leader's Toolkit.

"Thank you so very much . . . your excellent book was just exactly what I needed to develop my skills in going from 'presentation' to 'workshop'!!"

—Dr. Maren Gube, Researcher, McGill University, International Institute of Education


Who comes to our trainings?

People who come to our trainings are leaders who want to bring their work to the world in new and life-changing ways. They are doctors, pastors, therapists, artists, business leaders, authors, speakers, dance instructors, comedians, civil servants, lawyers, yoga teachers, arborists, spiritual healers, performing artists . . . and many, many more. In short, they are people just like you.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop... 100%. It reminds me of how beneficial workshops at Kripalu can be, especially with such talented and giving staff. This was informative to the mind, as we were embodying the experience, step by step. Experiential!"

"A must if anyone is planning to offer workshops that can change people's lives. This workshop provides the backbone for every possible workshop you could ever want to teach."

"Ken Nelson and his team provide such tremendous support on how to create, develop, and lead transformational workshops that makes for a truly transformational experience. Without reservation I highly recommend this series of workshops to anyone who feels the call to give their gift and knowledge to the world."

"Honestly, I casually signed up for this because I needed a weekend away. This looked like something that could be useful soon. Thought I might glean a couple of nuggets. In the end, so much on the weekend and in my professional life since then has fallen into place. New opportunities are showing up. Attending was divine intervention! I'm trying to figure out a way to come back for the next one! Looking forward to the next phase of the creative bloom!!"

"This workshop was taken on a whim - and it made me trust that the Universe will always put me where I need to be. Every team member is a gifted facilitator and you know it from the second you arrive. This experience will feed your soul and prepare you to feed so many more. It doesn't matter what kind of work you do - these people and this experience will transform your work."

"Guided with humor, support and optimism, this workshop taught me the practical skills and underpinnings to creating transformational workshops. I feel confident about creating transformational workshops based on my expertise and passion."


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